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Question & Answer

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked through our website:

How do I contact someone at Allure Studio and Academy about questions that I have?

We can be Contacted by phone at: 510-964-4263 or Email at:

What is semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a term applied to procedures that result in permanent designs on the face, looking like makeup has been applied. The prefix semi is for the short term effects of these permanent makeup treatments. The semi-permanent makeup usually last for about 1 to 3years (depending on the procedure, patient’s skin type and care etc.). Since the results are not completely permanent, the treatments are described as semi-permanent.

Is there any discomfort associated with semi-permanent makeup?

There is minimal amount of discomfort experienced during semi-permanent makeup application. A topical numbing cream is used prior to starting the treatment to aid in decreasing discomfort.

What parts of my face can I receive semi-permanent makeup for, at Allure Studio and Academy?

At Allure Studio and Academy we offer semi-permanent makeup for the eye brows (Nano Hair Stroke and Ombre Powder), eyelash line, and lips (Lip blushing).

What is the difference between Microblading and Nano tattooing?

Microblading is when a hand tool is used to make cuts in the skin. Dye is then applied to the open areas of skin to absorb. Nano Hair Stroke uses a Nanoneedle instead of a Hand Tool Blade (like with Microblading), to create tattooed hair strokes. Nano Hair Stroke enhances your natural brow, by adding tattooed hairs for a thicker and fuller appearing brow. It can also help with shaping of the brow and adjusting brow asymmetry while maintaining a natural look. Best for all skin types. 

What if I have previously had a permanent or semi-permanent makeup treatment to the area I am looking to treat?

You will need to book and appointment as if this was your first time. We do not do touch up appointments for new clients, or for previously tattooed clients from other artist. At your initial appointment, your artist will assess if and how we can best treat you in reaching your aesthetic goal.

How much is the deposit for the appointment, and is it used toward my treatment?

Is the deposit refundable? For semi-permanent makeup the Deposit is $100. The deposit will be deducted from the total price of your beauty treatment(s) and/or procedure(s). Rescheduling and Cancellations: 48 hours’ notice is required, for any reason that an appointment is to be reschedule and/or canceled. If rescheduling and/or canceling an appointment is made after 48hours the deposit will there for be forfeited. 

Will I need a touch up, and are touch ups included in my original appointment payment?

How often will I need touch ups?Most clients will need a touch up following the initial appointment for Nano Hair Stroke and Ombre Powder brows at 5-10 weeks. These can also be scheduled through our Website ( Additional touch ups are generally desired from 12-16 Months to maintain the desired appearance. Touch ups after 16 Months will need to be booked as if it is an initial appointment. (unsure if this is true for your practice, so it can be removed/edited to reflect your practice)

About how long does the treatment take to complete?

Nano Hair Stroke or Ombre Powder Eyebrows will take approximately 2hr30min. Eyelash Line Enhancement will take approximately 2hrs. Lip Blushing will take approximately 3hrs.

How are the specific look and shades of coloring determined?

Your specific look and shade of color will be determined collaboratively by you and your artist. Please show your artist your semi-permanent makeup inspirations and discuss what you are looking for. Your artists will then assess your desired area for treatment, and talk with you about your beauty goals. It is important to us to be direct with our clients about what we can, and cannot do in helping them reach their aesthetic goals. We are proud of our work and it is very important to us that our clients leave feeling truly beautiful and happy.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

They are synthetic/silk/faux mink/ mink Eyelashes that are glued to your natural Eyelashes. Depending on the style of Eyelash Extension, they may be single lashes or a hybrid. Each lash is carefully applied to a natural lash, or every other lash.

How are Eyelash Extensions different from a Lash Lift?

Eyelash Extensions, are an additional eyelash being applied to your natural eyelash. A Lash Lift is when a chemical is used to lift your natural lashes, giving them a curl and the appearance of having more volume.

Is it normal that my Eyelash Extensions are falling out (about 1-5 a day)?

Yes. It is normal for the Eyelash Extensions to fall out with the life cycle of your natural lashes. You may find that sometimes they fall out faster or slower than other times.

 How long do Eyelash Extensions last for?

Eyelash Extensions last for approximately 2-3 weeks. This may vary based on the growth and shed cycle of your natural lashes, and how well your lashes are cared for after the application.

Will Eyelash Extensions ruin my natural eyelashes?

The short answer is no. Although, the heavier the set of lashes applied, the more amount of weight is placed on your natural lashes. This can impair future growth of the eyelashes over time. The type of glue/adhesive used may also impact your natural eyelash growth. This is why having your Eyelash Extensions placed by a trained professional is imperative to avoid damage to your natural eyelashes. Giving your lashes a break from Eyelash Extensions every once in a while, may also be helpful. You may ask your Lash Artist if it may be a good time for a break. Allure Studio and Academy uses high quality products to avoid damaging a client’s natural eyelashes.

Can I wear strip/false lashes ontop of my Eyelash Extensions?

No. Glue used with strip/false lashes gets stuck on the Eyelash Extensions. It is very difficult to remove the glue, if it can be removed at all.

Can I trim/cut my Eyelash Extensions?

No. If you trim/cut your Eyelash Extensions you may trim/cut your own natural lashes. It will also result in a very unnatural and an unappealing appearance. If you would like shorter Eyelash Extensions, please contact your Lash Artist, or notify your Lash Artist when you come in for your next Eyelash Extension Fill.

Can I get Eyelash Extensions that are natural looking?

Yes. The look and style of your Eyelash Extensions will be tailored to your preferred style. They can appear very natural, giving a slightly fuller and darker appearance. Or, they can appear more dramatic appearing.

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