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Since 2002 I have been doing lash extensions and permanent makeup throughout the US and internationally. I take pride in my vast training, experiences, and continued education in beauty techniques. In 2017 I opened The Beauty Bar for clients, and for training courses. It has been my passion to work with people in reaching their beauty goals, as well as teaching others who are interested in starting their journey with beauty enhancement, or those who have been practicing to perfect their techniques.

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My Story

Time lost. Time saved. Selfishly, I started learning about semi- and permanent make-up when I wanted to spend my precious morning-minutes with my darling husband rather than propped up against the bathroom vanity for who-knows-how- long. I wanted that morning-glow — easier, faster, automatic and constant. Mission accomplished. Since 2002, I’ve helped countless women reclaim their beauty and fall back in-love with the image reflected in mirrors across households — nationally and internationally. I have honed my artistry with lash-extensions and permanent make-up applications from doer to instructor. It gives me great joy to help clients attain their beauty goals. It’s also my passion to share the extensive training and experience garnered through the years to younger entrepreneurs seeking to pave their own paths or just brush-up their skills.

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